With a 17″ display, and over 8lbs, the Alienware Aurora m9700 isn’t exactly as mobile as most laptops.   However as Legion PC Gamers proves, it’s raison d’etre is pure gaming power.  It’s default setup is one Go 7900GS, it is SLI capable, as well as having RAID as an option.  If you need a laptop that can play the latest games at max resolutions, and price is no problem, then take a look at this hot little number.
“The Aurora m9700 has none of the problems that I’ve previously despised about notebooks. Gaming for hours on end is surprisingly comfortable and I can play just as well on this notebook as I can on my gaming desktop system. Performance is clearly not an issue and surprisingly, stability is certainly not a concern either. The cooling setup featured within the Aurora m9700 is extremely impressive and it allows for endless hours of gaming without having to worry about it over heating (as I find many notebooks do when running games).”

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