The Guru of 3D looks at a company new to the watercooling mainstream.  Alphacool, and their Answer III, may not be the first to your mind when you think watercooling, but that could change.  Their system is not at the top of the cooling performance pile, but it is hard to find an easier to install watercooling setup.
“This company, if they do their marketing right, can easily reach the same high standard that Asetek currently offers. Today we will be doing the first article which will be followed by an intensely impressive second review. The first product however is targeted at mid-range/mainstream users. I’ll admit straight away that it’s weird to look at yet this product is so clever in the way it has been setup. Allow me to ask you a question, what do you hate the most about water-cooling ? Well, besides leakage that is 🙂 Exactly, the installation. You often have to modify your PC, remove your mainboard, make space to mount the radiator even drill some holes for the fans… it can be quite complicated.”

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