Lake Forest, IL — (August 15th, 2006) — BFG Technologies®, Inc., the leading North America and European supplier of advanced 3D graphics cards and other PC enthusiast products, announced today that the company has had over 100,000 unique users play on its free to the public gaming servers hosted by Insomnia365 since the company launched the community in December of 2004. “BFG is a company of gamers building products for PC enthusiasts and gamers throughout North America, Europe, Australia andparts of Asia,” said Scott Herkelman, executive vice president for BFG Technologies. ‘We originally launched the community as an avenue to get gamers from around the world to play for free against each other in games, post messages to each other in forums and also be able to log-on to our IRC channels for live chatting capabilities to talk about games, technology or life in general. Today, thanks to our strong partnership with Insomnia365’s hosting services, offers 10 free gaming servers that includes BattleField2, Counter Strike: Source, Quake 4 and Fear.’