AnandTech has noticed that Centrino branded laptops do not have any difference in brand name or serial # to let you tell if you are buying a Core or Core 2.  The good news is that they will be compatible (much like Jon discovered about Dell’s XPS).  AnandTech took advantage of that compatibilty to go benchmark crazy, go check it out.
“Being able to sell a notebook as a Centrino or Centrino Duo is particularly important as Intel has invested a lot of money into the brand; in theory, the Centrino label should help sell your notebook better than without it. From Intel’s perspective, the Centrino platform ensures that each OEM has to buy three pieces of Intel silicon instead of just one. Now you can see why AMD wants to get into the chipset market with ATI.

The important takeaway point from the above table is that Centrino Duo notebooks can use either Core Duo or Core 2 Duo processors. There’s no additional branding designation if your Centrino Duo notebook comes with a Core 2 processor. ”

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