There hasn’t been a virus that attacks anything but the OS since the Chernobyl worm, almost a decade ago.  According to this story at the Inquirer, there’s a proof of concept virus that could directly target AMD processors.  It seems Symantec is busy this past month, first targeting Microsoft and Vista’s insecurities, and now AMD.
“SECURITY OUTFIT Symantec has discovered a proof of concept virus that targets AMD processors rather than operating systems.

There are two versions of the worm, one aims at 32-bit and the other at 64-bit AMD processors. Symantec has called them “virus w32.bounds” and “w64.bounds”.

Although the worm is just proof of concept code, there are some fears that it could be used as a starting point for creating malware. If some hacker does manage to turn the code into something more destructive, it could mean that they could make a worm that can move across different operating systems. ”

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