The past several weeks have been very hectic around the Shrout household.  Besides the normal work-related time constraints, such as Quad SLI technology review and the much anticipated Asus Crosshair motherboard review, some personal issues crept up that demanded my attention. 

My 10-and-a-half year old golden retriever, Casey, was suddenly ill and required emergency surgery in order to remove something from her intestines that would have been fatal within the next 48 hours (according to my vet afterwards).  Having not known the seriousness of it at the time, the move to go ahead with the surgery was the right one. 

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Casey, at the tender age of 8 or so

She actually lives with my mother now, who wouldn’t admit it, but would be lost without this friend with her every day.  Needless to say, this experience has brought her age and frailty into my view and I even though she doesn’t live with me, I know that I would desperately miss this friend that has been around since I was 14. 

Kelly and I adopted an adorable 5-year old black lab (mixed, too small for a full lab) that lives with us and keeps us plenty busy. 

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Reese, staring at her tennis ball, waiting for me to quit working

I have become more than attached to Reese over the last two years and with Casey’s recent problems, I wonder about her life span, sicknesses and troubles ahead with mixed emotions.  Why set ourselves up for such things?  Sorry, don’t mean to get too deep here, this is a tech site, right?

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Reese’s Halloween Costume: meet Bat-Reese

Back to techy-related things, we have lots planned for the coming weeks including a new GPU launch this week (I am hard at work on it as I type this), a new Asus Core Duo notebook review, some hardcore Thermalright HSF action and hopefully some ATI Radoeon XPress 3200 motherboard reviews to tie it all in.  We are also starting a new move in the direction of PC Perspective and the forums with some upgrades and drastic feature enhancements in the beginning planning stages.  I’ll let you know more as we want to make it publicly available.  Maybe those that read the blog will get the first view of it? 

More to come!