PC Perspective has just published its review of the new flagship graphics cards from ATI, the X1950 XTX and X1950 CrossFire Edition. Based on a slightly modified R580 GPU core with GDDR4 memory technology, the X1950 XTX has amazingly high memory bandwidth numbers to support the growing number of users with ultra-high resolution displays like the 30″ Dell LCD we tested it on. In many cases, the X1950 XTX is able to out perform a dual GPU 7950 GX2 card with twice as much frame buffer

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As a single card, looking at just the X1950 XTX, ATI has a fantastic product on their hands. While not the slam dunk winner in all of our benchmarks at resolutions of 1600×1200 or 2048×1536, the X1950 XTX gets ATI much closer than it was before to the NVIDIA 7950 GX2 multi-GPU board. At 2560×1600, the GDDR4 memory system on the X1950 XTX really starts to shine as more often than not, it is able to overcome the top NVIDIA card and still maintain a playable frame rate.