The ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFi-AP has everything you could possibly want in a motherboard, if you are not planning on buying 2 video cards.  From the layout of the board, to the onboard features, [H]ard|OCP can’t really find anything wrong with it.  Head over to check out this overclocking friendly board.
“ASUS has been delivering quality motherboards for two decades. ASUS motherboards are some of the most stable, reliable, and well featured available today. ASUS is diversified in the market place offering notebooks, optical drives and other products. Still ASUS has been and always will likely be known best for their innovative motherboard features and designs. Today we are looking at the ASUS P5B which is based on Intel’s P965 Chipset. This board is a mainstream part and while lacking in some high performance features such as SLI/Crossfire support, it does have everything else going for it in the feature department.”

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