BCC Hardware needs your help in shock testing a hard drive from Plextor.  Give them your shocking ideas in the thread they started specifically for suggestions.  Remember they aren’t mad at the hard drive, they don’t want to just kill it, they are trying to determine the limits of the shock proofing.
“Plextor has sent us a ‘shock proof’ hard drive to test out. I’m running some tests to find out just how ‘shock proof’ this drive is. So far I’ve dropped it 6 times from 6 feet in the air and it’s still going strong. I have an idea for a grand finale but would rather leave it as a surprise for the end of the review. So in the meantime I need more intermediate ways to shock this drive until I take it to the max. Remember, this is shock proof, not destruction proof. So things like running it over with a truck, or crushing it with a 200 ton press are out. And the term shock means like, ‘shock load’ or g-force shock, not electrical shock, so a 50,000 volt shock is out of the question as well. I just need ways to jar it or shock it real good.”

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