The Tech Lounge wants to help you get a little more life out of your s939 system.  By rounding up all the heatsinks they can find and comparing them, they’ll help you buy one of the best ones, tweak your multiplier up a bit.  Overclock it far enough, and you might even feel like you have a new system.
“AM2 has revitalized AMD’s K8 architecture. Core 2 has spurred the competition fiercely. Socket 939 has lost its leg up. Or has it? From the early nForce3 and K8T800 chipsets to the awesome nForce 4 SLI x16, this champion of microprocessors has been paired with motherboards that have defined and re-defined out-of-box high-performance features, like early adoption of gigabit ethernet, RAID, PCI-Express, automatic and extreme overclocking systems, CPU throttling, hardware firewalls, and ridiculously comprehensive BIOS-level control, all of which are now standards of the industry. So what of the gains made by AMD and Intel’s new offerings? We’re seeing the streamers of change, but the real-world performance differences are still decidedly marginal. No one is about to set fire to his or her rig because some upstart hardware has shown up, trying to unseat solid computing. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and show some steel, crank up the volts, and overclock. These heatsinks included in this round-up are the apex of air cooling. Which of them is going to pull ahead and give you the greatest advantage?”

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