In the search for a better mouse, many odd shapes and designs have been considered, in the hopes of banishing RSS and carpal back to the tennis courts and assembly lines, where they belong.  Extremetech will not give up until they find the newest mouse, in this case the “Zero Tension Mouse” which looks like …
well … umm….
Go look for yourself, I’m not going to say it.
“Today we zero in on the Zero Tension Mouse (ZTM). This big input device allows the hand to fully rest on the unit in a more natural “thumbs-up” or “handshake” position. You fingers wrap around the mouse handle where the right- and left-click buttons are conveniently placed. At the top of the handle is the scroll wheel, strategically placed for the thumb to fire at will. The whole design conforms to your hand, and you can move the mouse in any direction while keeping the wrist and fingers completely immobile, thus requiring no grip to move the cursor.”

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