Slashdot has put together several links covering the results of Microsofts invitation for “black hat hackers” to take a poke at Vista’s security.  It could spell a more open mindset at Microsoft, at least during betas, on the benefits of listening to that particular crowd.
“Microsoft’s most secure Operating System yet has been compromised at the Black Hat hacker conference. We all know that Andrew Cushman, Microsoft’s director of security outreach invited the Black Hats over to touch and feel Vista in order to showcase the superiority of this OS. Joanna Rutkowska, from Coseinc, a Singapore-based security firm, obliged and showed how it is possible to bypass security measures in Vista that prevents unsigned code from running with the help of a little software she calls the ‘Blue Pill.'”

“To be fair, the hack was possible only when the target is in administrator mode rather than a limited user account.”

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