Using VIA mini-ITX boards, Capricorn is now selling racks with an incredibly high amount of storage.  At 3TB per 1U node, 120TB per 19 inch rack, you will not run out of storage sapce anytime soon, and it will probably make a really good space heater as well.  Find out more from The Inquirer.
“What Capricorn does with their PetaBox GB3000 is to take 4 750GB drives, and add the lowest power CPU then can get to it. With a full x86 PC on board, you can put enough brains in it to do whatever you want, and run your management software essentially for free. You get all this for about 80W per node, or 3200W per rack.

The next step up is the TB120 PetaBox, basically a rack of 40 GB3000s and an ethernet switch or two. If you need more space than that, I would say it is time to lay off the naughty pictures for a bit and seek serious help.”

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