HotHardware is a perfect starting point to get an idea of how XFXs 7950GT will perform.  For a card that falls just below the performance of a 7950GTX, it is impressive to see a passive cooling solution.

Make sure to make your way back here, Ryan has reviewed the XFX passively cooled version, but we also managed to get a hold of BFG’s actively cooled card.
‘The GeForce 7950 GT we’ll be evaluating today comes by way of XFX. In typical XFX fashion, the company has mutliple GeForce 7950 GT offerings in their product stack, the $299 PV-T71J-YHF9, which is clocked at NVIDIA’s reference specifications of 550MHz / 1.4GHz, and the $329 PV-T71J-YHE9 which is not only clocked a bit higher at 570MHz / 1.46GHZ, but also sports a silent, passive cooling solution.’

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