Extremetech reviews the Logitech’s VX Revolution Notebook mouse.  Not just an undersized mouse that can barely connect to a laptop 6 inches away, it is full sized and has a range of 30 feet.  There are also a lot of extra buttons to make your life easier, so check this ‘revolution’ in mousing out right now.
“The notebook version of Logitech’s Revolution Mouse has most of the headline features found in the MX—a range of up to 30 feet, and longer battery time than most cordless mice, and three distinct, new features, including the next-generation scroll wheel, document quick-flip button, and one-button search. To these, it even adds an extra feature—a zoom slider.

The revolutionary scroll wheel has two modes of operation—line-by-line scrolling and free-spin scrolling. Free-spin scrolling allows the scroll wheel to become a flywheel capable of traversing thousands of spreadsheet rows or hundreds of word-processing pages with a single flick. ”

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