It appears that Sony is delaying their European launch of the PS3, and reducing initial shipments of the new console in the North American and Japanese markets. The article cites the delay caused by a meagre blue-laser diode supply which is causing other OEMs to start grumbling. Lite-ON (aka. BenQ) has voiced their concern that Sony has ear-marked so many of these blue lasers that Sony (who makes the diodes) can not supply other major vendors in sufficient quantities.

Also in the news is Apple’s launch of a Core 2 Duo product line in 17″ – 24″ flavours. Oddly, the 24″ model has just an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT, whereas all other models use a faster ATI X1600. Perhaps this is done to keep the $1999 price point with an upgrade option to something faster.

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