The processor market has changed with the introduction of the Core 2 from Intel.  AMD’s new AM2 chips don’t add anywhere near as much to their systems, apart from DDR2.  With DDR2s looser timings, you don’t really gain as much as you would think.  Extremetech takes a hard look at both the performance and the cost of the high and low end of these new chips, and the battle will rage on … at least until AMD starts up their 4×4 .
“We took a look at the performance of the high-end processors in our initial review of Intel’s Core 2 Duo back in July. Later, Jason Cross went in-depth on the gaming side, pitting the Athlon 64 5000+ against Intel’s Core 2 Duo E6600 in our Real Gaming Challenge. Now we dive back into our comprehensive benchmark suite, running a wide array of performance tests across the entire range of Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Athlon 64 AM2 processors. AMD has the price edge, but is that enough to overcome Intel’s performance lead? How well do the various CPUs scale across the product line? We try to address those questions.”

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