Wired News will give you some advice on how to get into professional gaming without moving to Asia.  Tech companies like AMD, nVIDIA and Intel are all offering sponsorships for teams, and there is serious money to be won, if you are good enough.
“But opportunities are opening up stateside as well, a trend that could accelerate as gaming tournaments in the United States find TV broadcasters and in turn bring in mainstream sponsors. International video game tournaments such as the World Cyber Games, Electronic Sports World Cup and other events give individual gamers the chance to earn more than $2 million in a year.

Craig Levine, 23, owner and manager of Team 3D, said there are now more than a dozen U.S. players who make as much as $70,000 a year. This year, Team 3D will likely see more than $500,000 in revenues from winnings and sponsorships.”

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