CNet reports on a Samsung MP3 player, that will contain speakers so you can listen to your music without headphones.  That’s not the only thing going for it, as is should be compatible with Urge, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody and Napster.
“At first look, the K5 Digital Audio Player, which is slated to be released Sept. 10, doesn’t look too different from other portable audio players. It has a 1.7-inch color LCD (liquid crystal display), a one-button scrolling device, and a sleek, black exterior. Its 2GB and 4GB capacity options are nothing unusual, nor are the added FM radio tuner and alarm clock functions.

But Samsung hopes to win over music aficionados with the K5’s hidden gimmick: mini-speakers that can pop out of the back of the flash-memory device, allowing it to be propped up on a flat surface and play sans headphones.”

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