PC Mechanic examines several ways to protect your data through encryption, including the My Private Folder from Microsoft that never took off.  Drop by for an overview of several good ways to keep your personal files personal.
“These days, most people take a lot of effort to protect the applications and data on their computers. They install hardware firewalls, software firewalls, anti-virus software, anti-spyware, pop-up blockers, spam filters, annonymizers, root-kit detectors — you name it; people have it. Every few days a new anti something-that-doesn’t-have-anti-yet comes out and people add it to their arsenal of must have software. Some people get so paranoid that they go overboard with the protection. Recently I met a guy who had four different anti-spyware programs on his computer, because someone told him that no anti-spyware catches all spyware. His computer was so slow that it barely crawled, but this guy was blissful in the belief that he had fortified his computer’s defenses. “Defense in Depth,” he said to me, repeating a phrase he undoubtedly heard from a system administrator.”

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