Sick and tired of having to reboot to connect a back-up harddrive, and don’t want to buy a $100 USB2.0 harddrive case?  OCMODSHOP reviews Vantec’s $15 IDE to USB adaptor.  It handles 2.5 and 3.5 HDDs with ease, go check it out.
“Vantec has been making great products for the computer mechanics and enthusiasts alike for years, and this product will increase your productivity if you need to backup harddrives a lot whilst repairing computers. Normally you need to shutdown the PC and plug in the hardrive into your IDE port (making sure to set the correct master/slave jumpers) and reboot again, then when done copying the data you need to shut it down again, and so on… it gets quite annoying if you have to do that all day, so this is where this little cable comes in.”

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