Gamehelper has got the scoop on TF2 today, in an interview with Doug Lombardi and Kim Swift at Valve HQ.  Covering not only TF2, they also discuss a bit about Portal and Narbacular Drop, as well as Episode 2.

If you are a fan of turn-based 4X games … you have to download the Space Empires 5 demo, the link is just below.
“GH: What kind of maps can we expect to see? I know 2Fort makes an appearance.
DOUG: We’re doing a mix of old and new. Probably about 4 or 5 of the most remembered classics from the old days. 2Fort is one that will be in TF2, and Dustbowl is another we’ve mentioned. There will also be a handful of new maps, probably around the same number but that’s not locked down for sure. We will continue to release new and old maps after launch, just as we did with CS Source.”

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