Thats right! The time to upgrade the forums has finally arrived. After more than a year of develpment, we are finally ready to go forward with our upgrade. With this upgrade comes a brand new server that will serve the forums to you. You can expect an editorial from Ryan at some point detailing the new server, the hardware and software being used, etc… so be on the lookout for that!

Quoted from our forum announcement:

As most of you know…we have been hinting at upgrading the pcper forums for quite some time. We are pleased to finally be able tell you that our development of the new forums, along with a whole new server, is done, in place, and ready to roll. We will be performing the upgrade tonight, Sunday Sept. 17th 2006 at approximately 730pm eastern time. The forums will be down during the upgrade. At this time, we are not able to tell exxactly when the boards will be back up and running, but we are confident that they will be back online later this evening.

Because this is such a large upgrade, and because of some of the changes we are making, we are going to have run a bunch of update counters after the upgrade. Some of you may recall that some of the counters take quite a bit of time to run, namely the search index counter. This will of course require our search function to be temporarily disabled. We may also disable some other features temporarily while the search index updates. Any features turned off during this process will be turned back on after the search index has completed being rebuilt.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause any of you. Please bare with us while we perform this upgrade. Tha main site ( will remain unnaffected by this upgrade (for now PCPer forums upgrade!!! - Editorial 2 ) so this would be a great opportunity to browse through our articles and news postings while you wait for the upgrade to complete.

With all of that said…we will see all of you after the upgrade!!

The Staff