Today is one of those rare days in my life where I have to sit back and relax for a long while and just think.  It has been five years since that fateful day we now know simply as “9/11” and too many, the thougths of the day are still ripe in our minds.  I am one of those people; not because I lost a loved one in the event or lived in NY or anything like that, but just because I am usually one of the most patriotic people I am around.  The attacks made me angry, MAKE me angry, and all the constant bickering and whining that goes on TO THIS DAY about the events, their cause, who’s at fault, and what to do about simply aggrivate me beyond belief. 

Whatever your thoughts on the issue though, I would recommend that you sit down, read the paper, watch a news story or just close your eyes and contemplate what you can about that day.  Remember who is responsible and what needs to be done to stop it again.  Too many have already forgotten.

In site-related news, I just posted up Lee’s review of the latest Koolance case, the Koolance PC4-1025BK 1kW Liquid Cooling System.  You’ll definitely want to check out this review as it is a VERY slick system indeed.  Last week I posted up my first full system review in the form of the Alienware Aurora 7500 system, powered by an FX-62 and a GeForce 7950 GX2.  It was definitely a beast, but the debate continues on whether these boutique builder’s will ever replace or replace the majority of gaming system home builds…?

We have several other items due up this week, including the second part of NVIDIA’s fall-refresh that started with the 7900 GS.  The 7950 GT is going to be release this week and though you might think this is another dual-GPU part, it isn’t; but still expect some great performacne for around $300!   

Have a great week, but just remember to take time out today to remember what makes America great.