The Tech Zone puts forward some thoughts on the death of DVD movies, in all three flavours.  They cover several points, including the fact that it can be easier and quicker to download from iTunes than to wait for a rental store to have the movie in stock or wait for a mail delivery.
“Are we assisting to the birth of the real battle for the next generation of movies for our home theaters? With the announcement by Apple of the availability of movies on their itune library and the release this fall of the Zune from Microsoft, we have the right to believe so. Other big players, like Amazon, are already going after the movie downloading market which seems to be a very strong social trend. Blu-ray and HD DVD is not a social trend. It is something built from scratch by audio-video manufacturers. Those formats are also for big technology fans with a lot of money in their pockets.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we think movie downloading from the ipod and eventually from the Zune could be the big winner in this battle:”

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