Web 2.0 has been promised to give those a chance that missed the first dot-boom a chance to make gobs and gobs of money.  Not too many people, apart from venture capitalists seem to believe it though, and The Tech Zone counts themselves among the skeptics.  They do spend soem time thining about it though, so srop by to see what they think the new ‘killer apps’ might be.
“There’s a whale of a lot of thunder and lightning out there about how great Web 2.0 is going to be. It’s so good O’Reilly sued to retain the “ownership.” Everyone is piling on the train. Kids everywhere are starting up their activities to make gazillions of $$$. VCs are throwing tons of dollars at it. M&A people are sharpening their hooks. Lots of noise. Lots of flash. But will the dollars rain down? And for who? ”

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