The Sonos Digital Music System is difficult to describe.  The ZonePlayers are the hub of the system, one is connected directly to your router, the rest (up to 32 in total) can then connect to that one ZonePlayer wirelessly.  Designed to play music files from a PC, with a NAS device, you don’t even need that.  The ZonePlayers come in 2 flavours, one with a built in  amplifier, and a cheaper one that does not.  Once they are hooked to the network, the ZonePlayer is then attached either directly to speakers, or to an existing stereo setup, and it is all run through one remote control.  CoolTechZone has a much better explanation, so head over to find out more about this unique system.
“We evaluated the original Sonos digital music system back in mid-2005, and needless to say, we were amazingly impressed with a newcomer that made working with digital music systems so easy. Sonos is a prime example of how responsible companies should understand a problem and then work on a solution to remedy them. Think of Sonos as the Apple of consumer electronics. The ZP100 and now the ZP80 are both built on simplifying the consumer experience with simplicity and reliability at an “affordable” price tag.”

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