HotHardware had the chance to talk with AMD about the upcoming 4×4 processors, and crack a few Pacino jokes while they’re doing it.  Get a glimpse of the 7x series that we hope will give strong competition to Intels Core 2 Duo.
‘It’s easy to sit back and say “he was a good boy — he took it on the chin like a man”, or so to speak, as the good folks at Intel would like to say about their rivals at Advanced Micro Devices. Conversely, you might quickly discover the error of your ways, if you’ve counted AMD out. As we’re sure you’re aware, the lumps don’t go unanswered in this high-stakes game we call the semiconductor industry. Retribution is often sharp and swift. Capiche?

Recently we spent some time in private conference with AMD down in the lovely city of New York and learned of a few more details with respect to their upcoming “4X4” platform offering — a two-chip, dual-core CPU bundle affectionately dubbed the “Quad Father”. Though perhaps from a different Pacino era, might we offer, “say hello to my lil’ friend”.’

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