Corsair has moved into the PSU market with the same panache as they display with their memory.  The HX620W Modular PSU really impressed TweakTown with the stability of it’s rails, a .01 V difference between idle and load. 
“The modular design isn’t a new concept, but I think that the folks at Corsair actually listened to reviewers and did everything they could to make certain they did it right. The great flexibility offered with the included cabling shows they know that every machine is different, but that they can make sure their power supply is right for you. Another huge plus is the automatic adjustment of power levels across the 12v rail. If you happen to be running an older Athlon XP system, this won’t have a whole lot of merit for you, but anything running Athlon 64 and newer (including Intel rigs) needs a solid 12v rail to maximize stability.”

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