You can tell by the name, the Fanatec Heäd$h0t, that this mouse is a little unusual.  The fact that it comes in a clear plastic briefcase, just to hold the mousepad/USB hub, the power brick you need to run the thing, oh, and the mouse too.  ExtremeTech attempts to figure out what this 200dpi beast does, and if it will help you get more “Heäd$h0ts”.
“What happens when someone throws in the kitchen sink? Fanatec is about to put a mouse and pad combination that has so many features, we hardly know where to start. We’re talking special mouse cord management, adjustable width, high-DPI sensor, programmable macros, USB hub, joystick emulation, you name it. Is this finally a mouse that delivers everything on a gamer’s wish list, or does the scattershot approach deliver a product that is a jack of all trades, master of none?”

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