Abit may well be turning into the comeback kid.  After fading to relative obscurity, these last few months have seen them releasing quite a few new boards.  The newest are up for review at The Tech Report, the AB9 Pro, based around the P965 northbridge is a very solid board, and the AW9D Max with it’s P975X offers support for Crossfire and also features solid state capacitors instead of electrolytic ones.  That last feature may decide anyone who has had problems with leaking caps in the past.
“The most intriguing members of Abit’s Core 2-compatible motherboard lineup are the AB9 Pro and AW9D MAX. The former is the most affordable P965 board to feature the ICH8R south bridge, and it comes with all the hardware monitoring, fan speed control, and overclocking options you’d expect from an Abit board. For those looking for a little something extra, the AW9D adds CrossFire support and marks the resurgence of Abit’s high-end MAX brand. Read on to see if either of these boards has the potential to become another classic.”

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