Warranty and Support

Calling Technical Support

During this review, I called the Alienware support line to get help on two real problems I was encountering: I needed to get a user account so I can access the support area of the Alienware website, and to see if they knew what could be causing the SLI issue (see the top of this page).

The whole call took less than 20 minutes and I spoke to two representatives. The first representative quickly set up a user account for me after explaining my problems with the account creation process. He then asked me if I had any other issues and I told him about the SLI problem. I was then quickly transferred to a technical support agent who asked me a series of questions about the versions of Call of Duty 2 I was running and the software options I had enabled. In the end, there was no conclusive answer just some helpful tips to try. I wasn’t expecting an answer due to the nature of the SLI issue, so in that respect the technician performed his task effectively.

Alienware Warranty and Support

Perhaps one of the best things that comes with an Alienware product is the level of customer support and warranty you get out of the box. The Aurora m9700 comes with a standard 1 year toll-free 24/7 phone support, with onsite service! You can also get it with a 2 to 3 year service plan as well which may be a good idea since laptops can sometimes be finicky.

Their warranty covers pretty much all hardware defects including up to 1 year on the battery which most manufacturers refuse to cover. Alienware’s dead pixel policy is one of the best I’ve seen for a laptop which basically covers the panel if at least 1 pixel in the center area is defective, or if 2 or more pixels around the border are defective. The dead pixel policy is in effect for the duration of your warranty, which means you could be covered up to 3 years! You can find their dead pixel policy by searching the Alienware Knowledge Base.

Saying that Alienware’s support site is very good is a bit of an understatement. Their support site is very easy to navigate complete with a support history for your account, links to the user forum, and of course file downloads. The icing on the cake is a live technical support chat during the weekdays between 10AM to 11PM EST.

Alienware Aurora m9700 Notebook with SLI and RAID - Mobile 78
Live support chat via Alienware’s website.

Needless to say Alienware’s support and warranty is very comprehensive and thorough. All the needed information is available easily and their live support is very responsive and knowledgeable. I’ve read about Alienware’s excellent support, and now I can see why!

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