Impressions and Conclusions

The Asus W2J is the best thing if you want a media center in a box but also want the functionality of a portable computer. The bundled remote control, TV tuner, and multitude of audio and video inputs and outputs make this a media powerhouse that is hard to match. Using the laptop as a HTPC from the couch has a certain appeal, and the fact it’s portable enough to bring along with you onto the road means you never have to be without your favourite shows. You can even listen to FM and broadcast stations easily which could be fun to use while on a train or a long commute.

Asus W2J 17 inch Digital Media Core Duo Notebook Review - Mobile 78

The LCD is extremely bright and sharp, and when compared to the Dell XPS M1710, it’s really obvious that the W2J has a better panel inside. The panel is also protected by Asus’ Zero Bright Dot warranty which protects you for 30 days after purchase against dead or bright pixels. Watching movies on the W2J was a pure joy though the integrated speakers were a bit too metallic for my taste.

The W2J has some really killer looks thanks to a brushed aluminum lid and keyboard surface. The bevelled edges and the wide circular feet really shows Asus’ attention to design and detail, which makes this laptop stand miles ahead of any of the laptops we’ve reviewed here. To top it off, the aluminum makes the W2J the lightest 17″ laptop we’ve tested in our labs. But what makes the W2J look so good may be a weak spot because the aluminum parts are prone to scratching, dust, finger prints, and the lid flexes slightly when pressed. These are minor details which shouldn’t prevent you from considering the W2J as a laptop to own.

Asus W2J 17 inch Digital Media Core Duo Notebook Review - Mobile 79

The Asus W2J is by far the most ambitious laptop we have reviewed so far on PC Perspective and I’m pleased to say that it succeeds. I think the Asus W2J is a spectacular laptop in both form and function — other manufacturers should look to this model as an example of how to design their products. If you buy the W2J or any other W2 model, you won’t be disappointed. Fun, functional, and attractive are traits hard to attain sometimes, but Asus has nailed it on the head with this laptop.

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