The Antazone AS-C1000 Universal Heatpipe cooler is built around a 95mm fan that provides 49.8cfm @ 25dBA and a speed of only 2200rpm, plus they claim it can run underwater … not that I’d recommend testing that with a running system.  Big Bruin gives it a run against the XP120.
“We are going to take a look at Antazone’s one and only CPU cooler, the AS-C1000. The AS-C1000 is a giant turbine shaped cooler made entirely of bright, shiny copper… The turbine part of the Antazone heatsink is actually a tight group of 70 radial fins with 3 heatpipes wrapped around it, and the heatpipes continue on down to a rather small CPU block. The bottom is not a perfect mirror, but not too bad, and it should transfer heat rather well.”

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