Not since a certain movie involving high flying reptiles, has anything generated such a buzz as Rockstar Games Bully.  It’s worst enemy has ended up being it’s biggest advertiser, and given people something to talk about while guessing at what the game will be like.  Ars Technica heads to the playground to find out what it’s like to be a Bully.
“What Jack Thompson really did for Bully was make sure that everyone talked about it for months before its release. Sure, brand-new IP from Rockstar is always going to be a big story, but Thompson and the rest of the talking heads who tried to make a name for themselves by calling the game a “Columbine Simulator” and saying it advocated bullying and various other nefarious activities only gave the game more buzz. If someone is trying this hard to keep something from me, I feel like it’s almost a moral obligation to try to track down whatever it is and find out what’s so terrible that I can’t be trusted with it. Bully even scored a Teen rating, which means anyone can go into any retail establishment and buy it.”

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