Transcend’s DDR2 modules haven’t been reviewed as much as the OCZ and Corsair offerings, but they are not out of the memory business by any means.  Big Bruin was pleasantly surprised by their performance, and found it might even be possible to push these DIMMs harder with a better cooling solution.
“Given the no frills appearance of these modules, I had fairly low expectations for overclocking, and pretty much any gain was going to exceed them… Without touching the timings at all, and with only an increase in voltage from 1.80V to 1.85V, this kit was able to climb to DDR2-960 speeds. Although unstable at 1000 MHz, I did get into Windows, and can tell that with a bit of tweaking, and perhaps some more voltage, these modules could handle it. Another thing that might help with overclocking is some sort of cooling. Many may find heatspreaders to be all about presentation, but slapping a set on these memory modules might be worth the money!”

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