Final Conclusions

The new Enermax Galaxy 1,000 watt PSU offers one of the highest output capacities available today.  The Galaxy can reliably deliver up to 1,000 watts of DC power to support up to four CPUs, four video cards, and dozens of peripheral drives.  Voltage regulation is very good and all the primary outputs stayed within ±3% of tolerance.  The overall efficiency is also good and the Galaxy comes with a pot full of hard-wired and modular, sleeved cables.  Active PFC, a full set of protection circuits (including Enermax’s PowerGuard feature), and a 3-year warranty are all pluses.  And last but not least, the Galaxy PSU looks good, sporting a gloss-black finish with snake-skin sleeved cables.


One of the Galaxy’s more unique features is the use of two transformers to create two independent output sections (three if you count the +5VSB section).  One transformer handles the +12V outputs for multiple CPUs and the +5V rail, while the second transformer handles the +12V outputs for all other devices (motherboard, video cards, peripherals) and the +3.3V rail.  Splitting up the outputs like this offers several advantages: helps minimize size and cost, isolates the CPUs from the rest of the outputs for cleaner power, and separates the +5V and +3.3V outputs for better regulation.


I must note two minor concerns regarding noise.  First, the measured AC ripple approaches the maximum allowed values (50 mV) for the +3.3V and +5V rails when the Galaxy 1kW PSU is pushed to its maximum output.  And second, the audible fan noise becomes quite noticeable; again at maximum output.  In reality, very few users (if any) will actually use 1,000 watts!  Most high-end gaming rigs, even quad-SLI, will only push the Galaxy 1kW to the ideal 50%~60% load level, where both the AC ripple noise and audible fan noise are minimal.


The Galaxy 1kW power supply is one of the largest power supplies on the planet (size, weight, output capacity) and by typical ATX power supply standards may seem expensive.  However, when it comes to power supplies, you generally get what you pay for.  The MSRP for the Galaxy 1,000 watt PSU is $359.99 USD ($0.36 per watt) and is available from for $349.99 USD or for $334.99 USD.


Enermax Galaxy 1000W / 1 kW Power Supply Review - Cases and Cooling 38


For high-end users who need (or more likely want 🙂 a huge reserve output capacity that will reliably support their needs for years to come, the Enermax Galaxy 1kW PSU is highly recommended. 



  • Huge reserve output capacity (1,100 watts peak)
  • Excellent build quality with industrial grade components
  • Two transformers for two independent +12V rails (CPU and peripherals)
  • Large assortment of connector options (hard-wired and modular)
  • Support for up to 4 CPUs, 4 video cards, and 24 drives
  • Five +12V outputs (up to 75A)
  • Good efficiency along with Active PFC
  • Quiet operation (at lower power levels)
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


  • Longer chassis (220mm) may not fit inside some PC enclosures
  • A little noisy at maximum load (AC ripple and fan noise)

For its huge reserve capacity combined with excellent performance and versatility, the Enermax Galaxy 1,000W power supply earns the PCPerspective Gold Award.


Enermax Galaxy 1000W / 1 kW Power Supply Review - Cases and Cooling 39


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