One of our members is off to college, so the planned $2000 desktop has become a laptop, with less of a budget, and the advice on a good system just keeps coming.  The guys in our overclocking forum are helping another member get the most out of an A64 3800+.  UncleBob, a moderator and resident old fart here at PCPer feels the cases these days are too small, so he built his own.  At 36″ wide x 68″ high x 24″ deep or just over 34 cubic feet of space, he isn’t likely to feel cramped anymore.  Now that HDMI and HD TVs are more common, we also helping with advice to get the most out of your PC to TV setup.   Sound advice is also easy to come by, and what is the point of having good quality picture, if you can’t get good sound quality at the same time?