2GB OZC PC2-8800(1100MHz) with gold XTC heatspreaders and 5-6-6-15 timings straight out of the box, now up for review at techPowerUp.  It even comes in a non-melted shut package, so you don’t have to attack the RAM with a knife just to get at it.  The total speed may not go up too much further than the default, but the timings can be tightened significantly with some tweaking.
“Even though the OCZ PC2-8800 Gold are designed “for gamers” they still offer features that you would usually see only on high-end overclockers’ memory. Being able to run at a default of 1100 MHz DDR2 is very impressive, even though it requires around 2.4V to do that. In our testing we could get this $450 memory kit to DDR2-726 at CL3 and DDR2-1178 at CL6. This shows that this kit has something for everybody, no matter if you overclock just a little, or need insane FSB speeds.”

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