The Tech Report has found a mini-ITX board from Albatron that seems to have a lot more power than most of the other boards that size.  At $310, it does have a lot to prove though, so head over to find out how well it performs.
“Unfortunately, the Mini-ITX world is littered with four bangers, lawn mower engines, and even a few golf cart power plants. VIA’s EPIA boards dominate the scene, and they all sport relatively slow processors that can’t be upgrade or replaced. Mini-ITX boards with sockets that can accommodate real horsepower are few and far between, and often only available from industrial specialists that don’t cater to enthusiasts.

That is until Albatron stepped into the Mini-ITX market.

Albatron’s new KI51PV-754 uniquely blends GeForce graphics, nForce core logic, and support for Turion and Athlon 64 processors on a Mini-ITX motherboard. Read on to see if that combination makes this board a hot hatch like the Audi S3 or something that more closely resembles a Yugo.”

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