Zippy is a new player in the PSU game, and their newest 850W PSU, the Emacs PSL-68509(G1) gets put to the test at Bjorn3D.  This 8lb beast never dips below a .96 power factor, and the fan stays below 50db.  It’s only weakness might be it’s single 12V rail, but at 66A ~ 90A it is still able to deal with SLI setups.
“Just over a year ago I first began hearing of Zippy power supplies. At first I didn’t associate them with the well Zippy-Emacs power supplies that have been quite well known in the Server arena for some time. This was mostly due to the fact that the reviews I was reading were listing their Zippy reference PSU as ‘Class A’ Computer Enthusiast grade product. I even went as far as looking into purchasing one after being highly impressed by the literature that I had consumed. At the time New Egg was carrying the gaming models of this PSU as well as some of their server class products, but the price was a bit more than I was willing to pay. This was just before SLI and later Crossfire burst on to the scene.”

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