You are never guaranteed that the system you buy today won’t be obsolete in the next week, in fact the guarantee works the opposite.  However, with the new platforms that just came out, PCI Express, DDR2 and dual core, it would seem logical that a system should be OK with several partial upgrades over the next year.

Of course, that was before CNET pointed out that the PCI Express 2.0 standard is about 60 days away from finalization.  It also doesn’t sound like it will be backwards compatible.
“PCI Express, version 1.0 of which arrived in 2003, lets customers plug devices such as network adapters into computers. PCI Express 2.0 brings a bevy of changes, starting with a speed boost, according to the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG) that governs the technology.

The PCI-SIG has released a penultimate edition of the basic PCI Express 2.0 specification to its members in version for comments, and the final version is due after a 60-day comment period, the group plans to announce Monday. ”

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