Best Buy’s online music store is similar to iTunes in some ways, but it hasn’t received the notice that Apple’s site has.  The SanDisk Sansa e280R may change that, as it is to be the iPod for Best Buy’s music site.  Drop by I4U to find out more about Best Buy’s site, and their MP3 player.
“To coincide with the launch of Best Buy’s music store, SanDisk produced a custom version of the Sansa called the e280R that is customized to work with Rhapsody and the Best Buy Digital Music Store. The Best Buy Digital Music Store is supremely easy to navigate; it’s a bit like Google for music. Type in a band name, song title or keyword and you are greeted with gobs of returns. Most every music type I wanted or could think of is available and we are not just talking singles. You can transfer entire albums to your Sansa or stream them to your PC.”

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