The Inquirer caught an odd error on the newly greened ATI website … 3 of 4 special computer deals have Core 2 Duo inside them.  While you are checking that out take a look at the newly redesigned ATI website, they’ve done a good job at not moving the Driver section and other often visited areas.
“ATI, AMD, DAAMIT however you want to call it these days is crazy enough to promote Intel PCs on its new green site. Someone just removed the direct link at where AMD endorsed the “Best Gaming PC” 2006 powered with Core 2 Duo, an Intel CPU.

ATI can even get you some special deals on the four PCs. The best catch is that three from four have the Core 2 Duo inside.

Two from four machines are now HP, as Voodoo PC is no more. I think that someone at AMD needs to check these promotions and we would not be surprised if they vanish soon. ”

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