One of our members, PaulDriver, has decided to scrap all his 3.5″ drives, as he has 2 ways to boot to DOS using a USB memory stick or card, his guide is well worth a read.  Several members have also realized that with the plethora of newere AGP cards coming out, they can refresh their systems without having to buy a completely new computer.  If you are looking for a new HDD, tuskenraider has done an informal review of the 36GB and 72GB Raptors as well as 200GB Seagate.  Over at the Trading Post, you can scoop up a eVGA 7800GT PCIe w/ Zalman VF-700Cu for $180 shipped.  You also can’t say that all there is is tech discussions here, The Lightning Round is always popular, and a great place to debate with other members.  Since we have people coming from a lot of different countries, you may even leave there seeing things from a different perspective.