Take two of the fastest cards available, the nVIDIA 7950 GX2 and the ATI X1959XTX, and the speed difference at default  levels really isn’t that huge in most games.  That isn’t what X-bit Labs wants to find out though.   They are far more interested in maxing out AA, FSAA, Anistropic filtering and various other newer graphical improvements, first to look at the effect on FPS, and secondly to determine if it actually improves the look of the game.
“When acquiring a graphics card, the majority of gamers look at the benchmark numbers in the latest games and synthetic benchmarks to make their choice. But recently we have found out that graphics cards by two major graphics chip developers produce different image quality in games under default settings, meaning that some boards are faster and the other can produce better image quality. We decided to have a look, what is faster and what is more visually appealing on the examples of the GeForce 7950 GX2 and the Radeon X1950 XTX!”

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