HotHardware points out a glaringly obvious oversight that a lot of people are guilty of.  Why are you plugging a PC worth more than $1000 into a $5 power bar?  If you ever get a power surge that kills your PC, you may be kicking yourself for not getting anything like the Ultra Power Systems.
‘A few members of the crew here at HotHardware have had experience selling or servicing PCs for large retail chains at one time or another, and each one of us can tell a handful of stories about clients that didn’t take our advice with regard to power protection and ultimately paid the price. It never ceased to amaze us how someone could drop upwards of three thousand dollars on a high-end PC, only to scoff at the $50 surge protector recommendation. “No thanks”, they’d say, “The $5 power strip will do.” And inevitably some of them would be back in the shop a few days, weeks, or even months later because their systems got “hit” during the last big thunderstorm. Poof!’

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