FrostyTech reviews the Antazone ASC1000 Copper heatsink, a very attractive looking cooler, and it even performs fairly well without deafening bystanders.  The copper coating makes it a good choice for modders who want people looking under the hood of their PC.
“The Antazone ASC1000 heatsink makes use of direct airflow paths from its front mounted 95mm fan to its donut shaped 76mm diameter copper cooling fin section. Yet how the ASC1000 actually handles is directly tied into how efficiently its three 6mm diameter copper heatpipes, and the balk of copper at its base perform together. A thick copper base plate connects the upper portions of the ASC1000 heatsink to the heat generating processor below, and as a final good measure the whole contraption has been sugar dipped in a nice shinny copper plating bath.”

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