Ryan has a brand new 1U server from Tyan with dual AMD Opteron 275 dual cores.  Follow the link to find out what else is in it that has made browsing the forums better recently.

As well, the news has had 2 new features added to it.  If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the news page,  you will notice that you can now select pages, to go back and see other relatively new posts.  Or, you can simply head straight to the archives, to go through every news post PC Perspective has had over the years.

Give a big hand to Ryan, Wise and all the crew for their hard work!
“Long a staple in the DIY server market, Tyan makes kits for just about any server platform and since we have been using Tyan motherboards in our servers for nearly all of the seven years of our existence, I was more than comfortable depending on them for the future of the site as well.”