The Inquirer links to a story on ZDNet, which claim that the Java flaw discovered in Firefox makes the entire browser irreparably insecure.  Firefox’s Window Snyder beleives that that reaction is FUD, and that a patch can remove the Java vulnerability.  Either way, I’d suggest avoiding strange Java for a bit.
“OPEN SAUCE browser Firefox is so critically flawed that it is impossible to fix, according to two hackers.

Mischa Spiegelmock and Andrew Wbeelsoi told the ToorCon hacker conference that the Javascript in the decade old code make it a doddle to cause stack overflows.

According to ZD Net, they think Firefox is impossible to fix without a total rewrite of key sections of the code. The ironically named Window Snyder, the Mozzarella Foundation’s security supremeo, said she was going to do a bit of investigating.”

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